Jones & Bennett


We are packing the books up to be mailed on Monday. I thought I would doodle something to go in one of them, but this turned out to be a terrible mistake.

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Giveaway Update!

Hi guys!

Jaida and I have started packing up the books, so this is just a brief reminder to send us your address if you won and you haven’t already done so. I’ll be sending out individual reminders tonight as well as acknowledging the emails we did get (most of you are set, I believe.) Thanks for being so patient!

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Skittering in late from dinner…

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our very first giveaway! You guys are awesome! Getting to experience the enthusiasm of the Havemercy fandom firsthand was a rush like no other. (As it should be, since there ain’t no fan like a metal dragons fan.) This week has been a blast!

We will be compiling the results and notifying the winners ASAP.

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Just wanted to update and let people know I have been receiving email entries, so not to worry! I have a shiny filtering system set up especially for this giveaway, and I’m combing my spam every night just in case something slips through the net. I wish that I could email everyone back individually, but for the time being this seemed like the best method.

(In case you have no idea what I’m babbling about: we are running a STEELHANDS GIVEAWAY! Enter for your chance to win books about dragons! Or your very own tiny metal dragon! Blistering personality not included.)

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