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fujoshicabal asked: "hi! i just have to say that i found the volstovic cycle pretty soon after havemercy came out, around when i was fourteen, and my love for it has stayed strong well into my fourth year of university. i'm still so in love with all these characters and their stories, and i'm thrilled to see what you two come up with in the future, be it for the volstovic cycle or for something new! thank you for the amazing books <3"

Thank you so much for this! It is a constant joy and delight (and surprise!) to hear how much people like the books. It always makes my day. We’re so so thrilled that they continue to touch you guys to this day, and we DEFINITELY hope to have more books in the future for everyone to read and dissect at will.

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aliengirlscout asked: "Okay, first of all, a belated congratulations and well-wishes for your future together <3 You are both amazing and deserve amazing things. And now, a complete random question, but. have you got any thoughts about Luvander's family/socioeconomic background/why on earth he even became an airman? I HAVE BEEN OVERTHINKING THIS, though I realize I might be the only one, gosh. Such are the workings of a fangirl mind, especially one attracted to more minor characters."

Thank you so much! I love this question to be honest because Luvander is my secret baby. I think he is the most well-adjusted of all the airmen (which isn’t saying much), both before and after the war. I’ve always pictured him as the eldest of a few siblings because he’s always seemed really comfortable in the big group of airmen, and he is sort of a natural caretaker without being aware of it which I think means he’s used to it on some level.

How does such a soul become an airman? There’s never been a decided-upon canon reason as far as I know, but I always felt like it was a bit of an accident, like he was checking out his parents’ work and his dragon saw him and fell in love.

Of course this would mean his parents were magicians or related to the construction of the dragons in some way hmmmm…

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ari-ira asked: "My ask... what would it take us fans to get you two girls to write a How I met My Dragon short story for all the Airmen? Snippets and tidbits apply as well :D"

OH NO THIS IS REALLY CUTE oh no… I really like that idea. Everyone’s would be different too because Balfour’s would have the specter of his brother hanging over their first meeting and Adamo would FLIP OUT because no one warned him they could talk and you know at least one of them wound up there by accident he just broke into the stables to evade the provost’s men and thought he was gonna get eaten but then his dragon bonded with him instead…

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rudesby asked: "Johnny Weir and Caius. Yes? Yes."

YES. (JWeir even had a Russian husband for awhile there…)

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ouryoungprovost asked: "Hello!! On the subject of Thremedon the city- you've mentioned that Thremedon the culture is influenced by Russia and France (if my memory isn't a shambles). Does that apply to the architecture and layout of Thremedon too? Do Charlotte, Miranda and Molly have any lookalikes in the real world?? Sending much adoration your way <3"

Hi hi! Thank you so much! If answering these asks has taught me anything, it’s definitely that my own memory is a bit of a shambles these days. Off the top of my head, I know that the Basquiat is based off Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow and th’Esar’s digs are based largely off of the Palace of Versailles. As for the city layout itself, I seem to remember being inspired by Malta & Anchor Bay specifically when it comes to Molly although all those houses are pretty and colorful and the water is all blue whereas in Molly everything is the color of sludge so… Mileage varies. c:

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ithinkitsdashing asked: "Hello! Caius said he hurt Aulame for "private reasons", and it's driving us mad to try figure out what those were. Please tell, before we also go very much insane?"

Hello hello! First off as always when it comes to Caius-related questions I feel like I should apologize for Caius’ existence just in general. I think about half the things he says in that book are monstrous lies, or truth cheated to a certain angle which isn’t an intentional deception so much as it is part and parcel of his hereditary insanity. The Aulame incident was something we deliberately left open to interpretation because we think it’s creepier that way (like the Noodle Incident from Calvin & Hobbes), but also because Caius is such an unstable element that it could’ve been anything from  Aulame making a comment about his hair to insulting and spitting on the entire Greylace name.

I will say however that Caius had an extremely lonely upbringing that was only made worse by being exiled. He’s one of those people who makes an excellent first impression by being charming and entertaining but then he becomes tiresome as time goes on so it’s rare for him to retain any actual real friends. So I’ve always privately assumed he really loses it on people who tap into that in some way and tease him about the things he is actually vulnerable in. As opposed to the part where he wears dresses and such.

I hope that this is an answer that can sustain and restore your sanity!

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foolishunicorn asked: "Hi, I was wondering if you were planning on continuing Riesling or writing anything else with those characters, because I was really interested in them and I really want to know more. Thank you xxx"

Oh wow! Thank you so much for this, I’m so touched anyone even remembers that stuff. Jaida and I would love to do more with those boys someday. We’ve been tossing around the idea of starting up online romance miniseries type stories, for all the ideas and things we’ve had that never made it into publication. If there was interest we’d definitely consider it!

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fereldanfrostbacks-deactivated2 asked: "Also, is there a term like "Jacqueline" for the heavy and light dragons?"

Ever since I got this question I have been putting off answering it in the hopes of finding the actual answer, but I think it’s been lost to the harddrive gods. There definitely WERE equivalent titles, but they never (to the best of my knowledge) made it into any hard copies.

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fereldanfrostbacks-deactivated2 asked: "Hi! I was wondering (and I'm sure you've already answered this, sorry >.<) but how did you decide on names for the dragons?"

Hi there! I SO WISH I had a really exciting answer for this, but I am nearly positive that Jaida sent me an email and it said “these are the names of the dragons” and that was nearly all of them in one go. So… Witchcraft? I am pretty sure she’s a witch.

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trucypearl asked: "is shadow magic really just a dramatic and elaborate double date"

OK first of all I love your username. And I love this question! The answer is yes, except in the end Mamoru ends up marrying his country instead of his manservant so it’s a bit sad for everyone involved who isn’t Caius.

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